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Provide customers with cost-effective professional connector application solutions and technical service support
  • Stable performance

  • Reliable quality

  • Widely used

  • Customized

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    Stable performance

    Fine workmanship, bright gold plating, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation, high and low temperature resistance, more stable transmission and longer service life. Compact terminal layout, effectively saving space.
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    Reliable quality

    The product is small in size and tightly welded, and its quality has passed ROHS, UL and reach standards. The product has reasonable design, high hardness, not easy to rust and deformation, fast plug and use, and convenient and fast operation.
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    Widely used

    It is widely used in aerospace, industrial control, instrumentation, new energy, rail transit, measurement and test equipment, automobile, computer, data communication and other fields.
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    We have strong design and R&D capabilities, provide connector solutions and support personalized product customization, and customize appropriate and satisfactory products for customers in strict accordance with the accuracy of customers' needs.

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Application Case

Products are widely used in various industries
  • Data communication

  • Automobile industry

  • Rail transit

  • New energy

  • Instruments and Appa

  • More industry cases

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Dongguan Taosheng Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional electronic connector manufacturer integrating R & D, production and sales. Products involved in various industries, widely used in aerospace, industrial control, instrumentation, new energy, rail transit, measurement and testing equipment, automobile...

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